Wednesday, 12 February 2014

Ex Westcottians Association- The Delhi meet

It was a nostalgic and reminiscent night, meeting all those seniors and juniors, remembering the mischievous acts which we all used to do during our school days. The reunion of Bishop Westcott Boys’ and Girls’ School organised by its alumni association of Delhi chapter brought back the rich memories of the school days. The meet was graced by association’s patrons, incumbent President and founding President as well. EWA- the Ex Westcottians Association was launched in the year of 2007 and since then it is working hard to reach out to the under privileged section of society.

In order to add more alumni who are settled outside Ranchi, the EWA decided to flourish its wings to different corner of the country. The Ranchi and Kolkata chapter is very much in existence and are organising such kind of meet every year. With a highly motivated effort, Sandeep Anand, the current President under the guidance of Patrons- the Principals of the Schools - Mr. RI Thornton & Miss Jacobs worked hard to schedule a meet in Delhi.

The President asked 1991 batch pass out Manoj Singh, who is also his friend to organise an alumni meet in the capital city. Through Facebook I came in their contact; have no idea about how Swati Thareja joined it? We met in a mall in Noida’s sector 59 and drew a plan out for the event. In our initial days, we were confused with the venue and the numbers. However the dilemma concerning the venue got over as we got help from Mr. PN Prasad, who is 1985 pass-out and currently a Commandant in ITBP. We three met him at his mess in South Delhi camp and spent three long hours discussing life in schools, current affairs, and day to day life and of course Kejriwal also. Mr. Prasad asked us not take any tension about venue but to focus on numbers. With an aim to inform more and more ex students, Rounaq bhaiya has been approached, as he was famous during his stay in the school. He assisted online in informing the schoolmates of mid 1990s and starting 2000s. Despite busy with his father's medical treatment, he was in regular touch with us for organising the meet.

Since then we kept updating each other through social networking sites, emails and phone calls. We started calling whosoever we knew, and then took the help of Facebook and Linkedin in figuring out the Westcottians living in and around Delhi. Got positive response from all batches and decided to fix some registration amount so that the function could be made a huge success. Swati was looking after preparing speeches, purchase of gifts and selections of the games to be played at the venue. Here, I had a privilege as I wasn’t assigned with much work except arranging a cab. Mr. Singh was busy with coordinating the Chief Guests, President and others, besides arrangement of fresh roses.

On 8th of February, the day of event along with two other friends we boarded a cab and directly headed towards the airport, as that was the meeting point of the organisers, so that the chief guests and others could be welcomed, warmly. We reached ITBP officers mess 15 minutes ahead of the meet to be started.

While addressing the Ex-Westcottians, Principal BWBS asked to do something better for the deprived section of society, especially the disabled people. Latter, Principal BWGS supported her counterpart views and blessed the Delhi chapter. Alumni shared their memories, achievements and future planning. Some of the senior alumni expressed to contribute monetary assistance to newly born chapter of EWA, so that further works can be done smoothly. Some of them came forward with a view to develop website while others with sponsoring the next meet.

On the very next day, the Principals and other guests left for their city. I along with Mr. Prasad and Swati went to the airport to see them off. Now, we are planning on taking the words of both the patrons forward. We are dedicated and committed towards our work. Our aim is to attain new heights and wave the Westcottian flag. 

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